Apartment Snaps

Relocating to a new city was our big step of adulthood. 

This is a place we call home. When I walked into this space the first time, I immediately fell in love with the hardwood floor. Although I was a not huge fan of beige wall, I have to say it actually goes with the honey-toned flooring.  I read a blogger calling beige the mom jeans of wall colors, which was brilliant. Without much thinking, we become the tenant of this place for past two years. 

I consider the home decor a extension to the style of the space itself. That says, it is not going to be a super slick modern home. When I saw this place, the image popped into my head was: warm-toned mid-century home with textures like brass and teakwood. I devoted tremendous time and effort into finding the best pieces that make this place  a home. Most of  the furnitures and decors were selected piece by piece from local consignments, antique stores, and a few were from some go-to retailers for home owners (ikea, west elms, crate&barrel, etc.). I've always had a thing with old items. Time is the best craftsmanship. 

The finding process of these items was a journey. We explored many neighborhoods in the city by driving among craiglisters. We found this gorgeous mustard velvet couch when we almost lost hope finding the perfect couch. We exercised our truck-driving skill and upper-arm strengthened moving solid wood home office desks. We tried all means to place dibs on industrial style chairs that others were also eyeing on. Most importantly, we learned the life lesson that rug stores are always having out-of-business sales.